Small Bedroom Design

I want to address the room in our home thatoften gets left to last, and that is the bedroom, and give you some simple, easy ideas to decorateyour small space bedroom. Tip number one in your small space bedroomis I kind of say, "Go white. " When I say, "Go white," I mean sometimes inpaint, I think choosing a warm white really opens up the space, and I love white… Read More »

Bedroom Experience Enhance

Ok here we are in the bedroom talkingabout positive anchors, my favorite positive anchors are touch points. Touchpoints are of the feeling of a high-quality product or experience. And here we are in my bedroom and these are a few of my favorites. Definitely the bed experience, think aboutbedding, get yourself bedding with a decent thread count and you canget these from an outlet or online they're not that expensive… Read More »