Kitchen Island pine bank of drawers

By | December 1, 2017

Bank of drawers, j4005d.

And this ispriced at £760 as it is, and it'll be £847 when it's all done.

And you can see it'sgot 1, 2, 3.

Oh, crikey, I should've counted first.

16, 17, 19 drawers at thefront, 3 big ones at the top, and then you can see all the rest there.

And they'veeach got little wooden knobs.

So you can see the sides and the back.

These are alsonicely paneled so it could go in the center of a room and it could be a kitchenisland.

It was an old shop counter.

You can see where the hinges were, where thefling would flap down here, the shop counter thing would flap down.

And all thedrawers are working nicely.

At the moment, you've got glass panels in the top, but Ithink you could replace these with marble or granite slabs, or you could remove thewhole top piece and put a granite slab on top or something.

That would look quitenice as a kitchen island or work surface.

So there you go, that is j4005d, priced at£760 as it is, £847 if you'd like it all waxed.

And that's dating probably from the1920s, I would guess.

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