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Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Hello Sleepyheads it's me Brandy from SimplySleep! Did you know that in addition to our wonderfullatex customizable mattresses we also offer customizable furniture as well. We are proudto partner with Mr Bernie Campbell who for 22 years has provided our area with the finesthandcrafted custom goods. We are proud to offer here in our store severalfull sized samples of Mister Bernie's work including these platform frames that you'llsee in very… Read More »

Small Bedroom Design

I want to address the room in our home thatoften gets left to last, and that is the bedroom, and give you some simple, easy ideas to decorateyour small space bedroom. Tip number one in your small space bedroomis I kind of say, "Go white. " When I say, "Go white," I mean sometimes inpaint, I think choosing a warm white really opens up the space, and I love white… Read More »

Bedroom Experience Enhance

Ok here we are in the bedroom talkingabout positive anchors, my favorite positive anchors are touch points. Touchpoints are of the feeling of a high-quality product or experience. And here we are in my bedroom and these are a few of my favorites. Definitely the bed experience, think aboutbedding, get yourself bedding with a decent thread count and you canget these from an outlet or online they're not that expensive… Read More »

Bedroom Sets Quality points

– Hello my name is Scottwith Country Lane Furniture. I'd like to show you some of the features of our solid wood bedrooms. Gonna start out by showingyou how to the slats and rails fit together andhow that's constructed. The slats here forexample this is a cut away and the slats they have a dove tail which fits into the other side of the tail on the rail and the… Read More »

Calming IKEA bedroom

What is a bedroom to you? To me it's a calm place away from the pressures of today's lifestyle. A place where I can relax, breathe. Feel the stillness and the silence. Let me show you how easy it is to create this feeling. Textiles like calm natural linen, are the quick and affordable way to add gentle warmth to any room. A rug or two on the floor is… Read More »

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small bedroom? Prepare to be overwhelmed with fantastic ideas. At the small room, you still can maximize the function. Make simple decoration and use the modern furniture. This combination will make it look interestingand give you comfortable impression. You will be very love it. You can enjoy and relax at this room. Make sure you will always keep the room clean so… Read More »

Hillsdale Hamptons Sleigh Bed and Hamptons Bedroom Set

The Hillsdale Hamptons Sleigh Bed featuresa solid pine, planked design. You can just feel the quality of construction of this beautifulsleigh bed. The richness of the solid wood and the subtleness of the weathered pine finishand cozy cottage feel. You can purchase the Hillsdale Hamptons Sleighbed as a stand alone queen or king bed, or as a 4 piece, or 5 piece bedroom set. The four piece set includes the… Read More »

IKEA Tiny bedroom

Hej! We know more and more people are moving to cities and living in small apartments. So we challenged ourselves to make a bedroom as small as possible for a young couple renting their space. Of course the bedroom needs to have room for sleeping, relaxing, getting dressed and tons of storage. The challenge is to think differently. We started by making a multifunctional bed. We built the base using… Read More »